Monday, November 28, 2016

Red Ribbon Christmas Tree

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it is time to finally focus on Christmas -- my favorite time of year.  And most importantly -- decorating my Christmas tree.

I decided to try something new for me this year, and instead of using metallic garland beads, I decided to give ribbon a try.  I had some glittery shear ribbon and some shiny red ribbon that I had bought several years ago and never used.  So I layered the silver ribbon on top of the red ribbon and laid it onto the tree.  It did not quite look complete, so we added a bow to the star to top the tree off.

And in our house it is just not quiet Christmas until you get the Christmas Mickeys and the Christmas Snoopy's in front of the fire place.

And the view gets even more magical at night.  I so love the ambiance of a lit Christmas tree in the quite of the night!

Still got lots of work to do -- outdoor decorations are not up yet, the entry way is not decorated, and I haven't even started on our kitchen and basement. 

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