Monday, June 24, 2013

Helicopter, Airplanes, Trains, & Truck Crib Bedding For Baby Austin

This past Christmas my husband surprised me with some fabric he had picked out form our local quilt house so I could make a baby blanket for our soon-to-be baby Austin.  Once I got the blanket done, I decided I needed a matching sets.  I got that done and decided I needed a big and burp cloth.  And then after that decided why not have a matching bed skirt and coordinating pillow.  So when all was said and done I had a complete bed set.

I used cozy flannel fabrics by Blank Quilting -- Starlight, Moving & Shaking, and Airplanes.

For the sheets I used a tutorial from I Candy Handmade

I made the bed skirt using a tutorial from We Like To Learn As We Go.  Instead of one solid piece of fabric, I constructed panels consisting of one piece of airplane fabric two pieces of green fabric.

And here's the blanket that I posted about in an earlier blog post.

I thought it would be nice for Baby Austin to have a pillow.  I made it reversible so one side of the pillow has the air plane fabric, and the other side has the trains and truck fabric.

And with the left over fabric I made a quick burp cloth and big and used my embroidery machine for some added personalization.  For the burp cloth I used this tutorial and for the bib I used this tutorial

My next project for the bed set is going to remake the mobile by covering it with fabric and painting some helicopters, airplanes, and trains to hang from the mobile.  Hopefully I will get it done before Austin outgrows that mobile stage :)